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Birich Tec
hnologies is a seed-stage start-up focused on the commercialization of a superior method for delivering gene silencing agents into the cell. In the past decade, many biological laboratories have begun to use RNAi as an in vitro (in laboratory) research tool to study the role of particular genes in various diseases. The elegance, specificity, and efficacy of RNAi have elevated it as a not only a trusted research tool, but also as a potential cancer therapeutic technology through its ability to silence specific cancer genes. In order for RNAi agents to silence genes, they need to be delivered into the cell. Current delivery methods for RNAi fail to match the elegance of RNAi - most products to deliver RNAi agents function by puncturing the cell membrane, a protective barrier from the external environment. These products prove to be not only costly, requiring specialized equipment or chemicals, but are also very harmful to the cell. Despite these drawbacks, RNAi is widely used in biological research, but a void exists in the market for a superior delivery vehicle for RNAi. Birich is in the process of commercializing a proprietary protein delivery technology for RNAi and is currently collaborating under a Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS) grant and a Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund Grant with Dr. Jonathan Dinman of UMCP's Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics Department.

Side by side comparison of ChemoARP to a Commercially Available Transfection Kit - Birich Technologies’ ChemoARP Transfection Kit achieves the same level of 24-hr knockdown as commercial kits with 10x less siRNA in just 1 hr of incubation time